More of the genius of Stephan Pastis:

Amanda Shepherd on Unsplash

Image of an illustrated heart and brain. Heart is reaching for a pile of “new books,” while Brain is pulling Heart toward a pile of “Books I own but haven’t read yet.”
Credit to The Awkward Yeti for reading my mind — and heart.

Ryan De Hamer on Unsplash

We’re surrounded by examples of destructive arguments rather than healthy debate about the merits of an issue — and that’s not doing any of us any good.

The instructions were simple, but the impact so profound that it prompted me to share here.

Juri Gianfrancesco on Unsplash

I wasn’t even halfway there yet.

A sunrise over clouds and tree tops.
parinay clickers on Unsplash

A woman against a dark background uses a leg press machine. She looks strong and focused.
Scott Webb on Unsplash

Piper Hendricks

Piper supports all forms of fitness: physical; mental; social; and civic. For speaking engagements or inquiries about these areas:

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